2013 – 2014 Perhaps It Is Time For The Toronto Maple Leafs To Revamp Their Fourth Line Part II

Thankfully when writing to a blog unlike print you can make additions, corrections and the like and your handful of followers will forgive you for it, at least hopefully. One addition I failed right off the bat to make in my previous post was Troy Bodie who very much should definitely be included in any discussion revolving around revamping Toronto’s forth line.

Bodie has been nothing short of a revelation since his arrival in Toronto, someone I did not rightly give the benefit of the doubt when first looking at his signing and then quickly his stats via hockeydb.com; quickly dismissing him as a depth signing for the Toronto Marlies. When taking a look at arguably the leagues top fourth line, the Boston Bruins combination of Shawn Thornton, Gregory Campbell, and Daniel Paille (whom between them have 21 goals this season) their successful makeup contains two things, defensive acumen and speed; something I believe are both rounding out for Bodie who looking at this year appears to have pretty good speed and will sacrifice his body to block shots (14 blocks this year with 54 hits so far).


Looking at the following video you have to wonder if playing with Jerry D’Amigo and Jamie McClement is the right combination of grit, speed and a winning faceoff percentage, that line might have more success, the lead up to this goal is exactly what the Leafs need more of in their fourth line, if anything to keep the opposition hemmed in their own zone.

If Bodie and McClement are locks for the fourth line next year and the Leafs give a shot to D’Amigo/Ashton or bring in Leo Komarov or even Teemu Hartikainen I believe there is definitely going to be an increased impact with alot more time on ice. As always food for thought.


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