The Toronto Maple Leafs and The City of Brampton…Well Sort Of!

So for those of you who were unaware or not from Toronto, Brampton a suburb of the metropolitan area recently lost its junior hockey team, the Brampton Battalion of the Ontario Hockey League after poor attendance/lack of interest expressing a fairly well known fact in these parts, if it isn’t the Toronto Maple Leafs the care factor closes in on zero. Not to say that the Toronto Marlies of the AHL, the parent clubs farm team hasn’t won over new fans during the lockout but overall the above statement holds pretty much true. So Brampton city councilors in their ever so bold wisdom recently issued the following press release entitled ‘City eager to welcome professional hockey to Brampton’.

Are you…? Wait, are they saying…? Are you kidding…? Omg! On the heels of losing their junior team the city has made the push along with the help of Cosmos Sports to consider the addition of a Central Hockey League (CHL) team to the area. This is the same CHL league who’s Rapid City Rush team recently made headlines for having a student promotional night that included beer chugging contests…no really they did and it was, yes you guessed it, a barf-o-rama icecapades like evening. Cosmos Sports even admits through information found on their website and by filtering through their client list that Marketing/Sales or Corporate Sponsorship is not primary areas of focus and I hope for both the City of Brampton and Cosmos sake that they bring in a third party marketing firm to actively determine if this idea is even financially feasible.

David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail first brought this to my attention after posting his article on Twitter and brought up some incredibly good points that the city must consider before moving forward, including length of travel (some teams are located in Texas and Arizona), insurance costs for medical expenses while in the United States and the fact that 6 of the 10 team owners recently indicated their desire to move to other leagues such as the ECHL.

I wrote a lengthy article below about how perhaps with the help of the Toronto Maple Leafs an ECHL affiliated team would make sense in the Greater Toronto Area, more from a logistics point on handling Maple Leafs prospects and perhaps this would be the most sound way to bring decent and financially stable hockey to Brampton. They also must remember before signing that lengthy 15 year agreement with the Powerade center that Markham is still considering the construction of an NHL capacity sized arena which could very well have a dramatic effect on any lower tier leagues in the general vicinity.

There is nothing worse than supporting a team that lasts one year (Toronto Roadrunners anyone?) and being the only chump left with one of their $120 jersey’s is no fun. If Brampton adopts this proposed CHL team, remind me to set an alert in Outlook as for when to look for cheap jerseys on ebay next year, my beer league team could use a set. Food for thought.


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