2012-13 Toronto Marlies and Continued ECHL (or lack of) Musings

Well doesn’t that just suck. Whats that you ask? the fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs organization is not so deperately (at least in appearance) seeking an ECHL affiliate to ship its young and in some cases rookie signed roster players that were positionally dispossessed from the AHL Marlies after a number of NHL roster ready players took their spots (sort of speak..at least in the case of Gardiner and one could argue Holzer, Ranger and  Kadri).

Even Adam Hughesman who was let go by the Marlies after his try-out has already found a home with the Las Vegas Wranglers as first reported here:


Sounds like a pretty classy organization to me (and the jerseys are pretty awesome too IMO), perhaps the Leafs need to speak to them lol

Must admit that I wasn’t really clear as to why they would have ended their partnership with the Reading Royals in the first place(perhaps it was the other way around) considering they appeared to run a strong organization with a decent fan base. I even found myself keeping tabs on players sent down that way (a la Denny Urban) but all these roster issues really are being created by the lockout and will hopefully easy up once the season commences (crossing fingers…and toes).


One thought on “2012-13 Toronto Marlies and Continued ECHL (or lack of) Musings

  1. leafs could not find spots for guys in the echl…carrick and brenner playing now but andrew c brought back as marlies couldn’t find spot for him….hughesman signed in vegas before marlies camp as he was told there was no room…. and untill lock out over they couldn’t do anything as it would not be fair to him as he needed to play although they did try to sign him at marlies camp to a minor league deal but he turned it down….he will be back..leading vegas in scoring and is playing very well….

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